e-meche - by the original meche inventors

emeche is a professional aid for colouring hair brought to you by the original inventors of meche. We've been making meche for colouring hair for over twenty five years.

Meche is a quick and easy alternative to foil for colouring hair in the salon. It is fast to apply, transparent to allow hairdressers to see the colour developing and gives you perfect results with no colour bleed or heat loss.

If you are looking for great education on how to use meche for hair highlights, check out the emeche Channel and step-by-step demos on the How-to Guides.

If you are interested in buying meche, we now have a dedicated online stores for UK and EU orders at www.mechedirect.co.uk and for USA orders at www.mechedirect.com.

If you have a query or would like more information then please fill out the form on the contact us page.